Friday, June 24, 2011

Accepting the Challenge

My little girl is having her 5th surgery in 5 years. She's tough. She takes life as it comes. She doesn't let anything stop her. She does it with a smile. She has changed my life and taught me what are the real challenges in life.

People seem to always be complaining about their present situation. How their life is full of challenges and they would have been more happier if "______". Try finding one person who has never had challenges in his/her life. "There's a story there." ~ Steel Magnolias.

Life will always have challenges.  Life will always be full of challenges for every person in whatever section of society he belongs to. Rich, poor, happy, sad, chunky, skinny, challenged, addiction, marriage, single, divorced, widowed, infertility, hearing, non-verbal, smart, average, late, irresponsible, ..... everyone has something that they need to overcome.  My little girl continues to overcome her challenges because of a TEAM of people that encourage her progress. We all have an issue, so why aren't we honest, open and surround ourselves with people that are supportive to our success? Accept the challenge.

More challenges you encounter more successful you become. For a person overcoming one challenge, he becomes mentally ready for other one in course of which life gives him greater rewards for solving those challenges. You go to another level by stretching your comfort zone a little further. My little one has proven this to us over and over.

Every challenge gets an opportunity.  Every challenge a person acquires in life presents him/her with two kinds of opportunities. . . one is personal growth and other one financial growth. It can be a challenge to spot these opportunities leading to personal and material development. You have to be open and willing to accept the challenge. Overcome the challenge.

Recognizing opportunity.  The best way to recognize an opportunity is to get guidance and learn from the same people who have been through your path. They are your best teachers. My little one opened my eyes to needing experts in my life. I couldn't take on her challenges without them. I needed to follow their path, let them set the path so that she could be successful. When I came across a home business opportunity, my eyes were already open so I was able to accept the challenge, accept the guidance and be successful.

Putting what you learn into action.  The important part of learning in life is to put whatever one has learned into action. Without action all the strategies of life have no meaning. So if you want to profit in your life, mentally as well as financially start from today to put into action whatever good things learned from life!!

Julie Webster
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David & I have been together for 20 years, with four wonderful kids that have all been special in their own way. When we had our daughter, McKenzie, life changed for all of us. The phrase "kids don't come with a manual" didn't even touch the surface when taking care of McKenzie! She has taken us on a very special and sometimes difficult adventure.

We feel blessed to remember what is really important in life and to value the importance of family time. Leaving my "career" was difficult for me, but McKenzie gave me the directly I needed.

I now work from home helping others do the same thing. It's so rewarding to help people reach their financial goals by showing others a way to get fit, get health and provide financial security for their family.

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