Saturday, June 12, 2010

Therapy for McKenzie & Disney

We had an appointment with Debra Beckman, Oral Motor Specialist, in Orlando, Florida and who can't use a vacation?  It's not easy traveling with children, but traveling with a special child can pose some challenges.  McKenzie is glucose intolerant, which eliminates all of the fast food restaurants for traveling (except for Pei Wei, which prepared her the perfect meal).  Omni Champions Gate was very accommodating to her medical and nutritional needs. 

If you are traveling with a special child to Disney, check for handicapped services.  They are very accommodating, but make sure you tell them all of the challenges you will have in touring the park.  There are different "passes" which we found out a little later in the day.  Overall... amazing day with the kids, Buzz Lightyear, Pooh, Tiger, Piglet, Aladdin & Magic Carpets, River Boats, Tea Cups, Carousels, etc.  There is an iphone app I highly recommend for planning your day at the park - Got Plans and make reservations at the park restaurants.

The best part of the trip ~ meeting Debra Beckman.  Why isn't McKenzie talking?  Because she couldn't possibly talk with her lack of oral motor skills.  You would have thought after four years, a cochlear implant and 9 speech therapists someone would have focused on this?  Thank you University of Miami for pushing me to meet Debra.  She provided instruction therapy to do at home with McKenzie, and expects McKenzie to start making different sounds in less than a month!!  McKenzie's speech therapist now... drove right up there for training ~ don't you wish she was yours!!! 

The Shoe Fits!

I'm not living the fairy tale I dreamed as a little girl. It's BETTER than I could have imagined!

David & I have been together for 20 years, with four wonderful kids that have all been special in their own way. When we had our daughter, McKenzie, life changed for all of us. The phrase "kids don't come with a manual" didn't even touch the surface when taking care of McKenzie! She has taken us on a very special and sometimes difficult adventure.

We feel blessed to remember what is really important in life and to value the importance of family time. Leaving my "career" was difficult for me, but McKenzie gave me the directly I needed.

I now work from home helping others do the same thing. It's so rewarding to help people reach their financial goals by showing others a way to get fit, get health and provide financial security for their family.

The true fairy tale came true because I made it happen!

Follow us on our journey or join our adventure!


Are YOU ready for a CHALLENGE?

Are YOU ready for a CHALLENGE?